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Online Joomla 4 Training Course

Online Joomla 4 Training Course Overview

Our practical 2-day Online Joomla Training Course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to design a professional and functional website from scratch. With a step-by-step manual and experienced trainer, you’ll have everything you need to master Joomla and start designing your own website today.
No coding, technical or web design experience is required. Our course is designed for anyone to succeed. As a bonus, we will sign you up for free to our Self-Paced Joomla Training Course, so you can learn at your own pace.
With 2 months of free online support, you’ll have the guidance and support you need to succeed. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn the skills you need to build a website you’re proud of.
Register today for our Online Joomla 4 Training Course and start building your dream website!

Course Bonus

As a bonus, we will sign you up for free to our Self-Paced Joomla Training Course, so you can learn at your own pace.

Course Prerequisites

The only prerequisite is that you must be computer literate.

We assume that you start the course with no web design or Joomla experience.

Programming/coding knowledge is not required.

What You Will Learn

You will be equipped with the following skills and knowledge:

  • Module 1: Open Source Software Introduction
  • Module 2: Setting Up a Local Web Server
  • Module 3: Installing Joomla
  • Module 4: The Joomla Login
  • Module 5: The Joomla Dashboard
  • Module 6: Changing Joomla Settings
  • Module 7: About Extensions
  • Module 8: Creating Web Pages
  • Module 9: Managing Articles
  • Module 10: Featuring Articles
  • Module 11: Adding Menu Items
  • Module 12: Creating Hyperlinks
  • Module 13: Adding a Contact Form
  • Module 14: Joomla Module Positions
  • Module 15: Joomla Templates
  • Module 16: Configuring the Helix Ultimate Template
  • Module 17: Splitting Up Long Articles
  • Module 18: Adding An Image Slider
  • Module 19: Adding a Photo Gallery
  • Module 20: Adding a Google Map
  • Module 21: Adding Videos
  • Module 22: Basic Joomla SEO
  • Module 23: Backing Up Your Website
  • Module 24: Joomla Maintenance
  • Module 25: Updating Joomla

Course Dates

The course is conducted from 9:00 – 14:00

Course DatesEarly Bird Registration Date For a 25% Discount

What Will You Get

You will also get the following in addition to the two days training:

  • A detailed easy-to-follow graphical step-by-step manual.
  • Two months of free online support on what has been covered in the course.
  • A digital Certificate of Completion.
  • The extensions, template, and Joomla to start designing your website.
  • A guide on how to duplicate your live Joomla website on your harddrive
  • A guide on how to make your website live if it was designed on the harddrive.
  • Infographic on 50 features every website must have

Private Training

Private training for the Online Joomla Training Course can be conducted online on a date that is mutually convenient. The cost is R4000.00 per participant. There is a discount for 2 or more participants.

Payment must be made 3 weeks before the starting date of the course.

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