Course Overview

The Joomla training course is a practical hands-on course with participants developing a fully-fledged website. Participants leave the course with the skills and knowledge to build or maintain their Joomla websites.

This course is conducted online by an Instructor using Zoom.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at:

  • Those who want to develop websites quickly
  • Those who have Joomla websites and needs to maintain it and wants to go in more depth about Joomla
  • Those who have developed websites using Frontpage or Dreamweaver
  • Those who want to move their static website to Joomla
  • Those who want to know what Joomla is all about

Course Prerequisites

The only prerequisite is that you must be computer literate. We assume that you start the course with no coding, web design, or Joomla experience.

Brief Course Outline

The following is a brief course outline:

  • Module 1: An Overview of Open Source Software
  • Module 2: Website Design Planning Steps
  • Module 3: An Overview of Joomla
  • Module 4: Setting Up a Localhost
  • Module 5: Creating a Joomla Website
  • Module 6: The Joomla Interface
  • Module 7: Joomla Settings
  • Module 8: Installing Editor Extension
  • Module 9: Creating Categories
  • Module 10: Creating Articles
  • Module 11: Article Management
  • Module 12: Featuring Articles
  • Module 13: Adding Menu Items
  • Module 14: Splitting Up Long Articles
  • Module 15: Creating Hyperlinks
  • Module 16: Using the Joomla Contact Component
  • Module 17: Module Positions
  • Module 18: Creating Additional Menus
  • Module 19: Creating a Dropdown Menu
  • Module 20: Templates
  • Module 21: Adding a Header Rotator/Slider
  • Module 22: Adding Social Media Buttons
  • Module 23: Adding a Google Map
  • Module 24: Backing Up Your Website
  • Appendix A: Making a Website Live
  • Appendix B: Useful Joomla Websites

Click here to download a detailed Joomla training course outline

Course Dates

  • 18 & 19 November 2021

The course will be conducted for 2 days from 9:00 – 14:00 with a 30-minute break.

Course Registration

Registration for the Online Joomla Training Course is open.

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