Joomla 3 Course Overview

The Joomla training course is a practical hands-on course with participants developing a fully-fledged website. Participants leave the course with the skills and knowledge to build or maintain their Joomla websites.

This course is conducted online by an Instructor using Zoom.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at:

  • Those who want to develop websites quickly
  • Those who have Joomla websites and needs to maintain it and wants to go into more depth about Joomla
  • Those who have developed websites using Frontpage or Dreamweaver
  • Those who want to move their static website to Joomla
  • Those who want to know what Joomla is all about

Course Prerequisites

The only prerequisite is that you must be computer literate. We assume that you start the course with no coding, web design, or Joomla experience.

Brief Course Outline

The following is a brief course outline:

  • Module 1: Open Source Software Introduction
  • Module 2: Website Design Planning Steps
  • Module 3: An Overview of Joomla
  • Module 4: Setting Up a Local Webserver
  • Module 5: Creating a Joomla Website
  • Module 6: The Joomla Interface
  • Module 7: Creating Content
  • Module 8: Article Management
  • Module 9: Adding Menu Items
  • Module 10: Splitting Up Long Articles
  • Module 11: Creating Hyperlinks
  • Module 12: Adding A Contact Us Form
  • Module 13: Joomla Module Positions
  • Module 14: Joomla Templates
  • Module 15: Creating Additional Menus
  • Module 16: Creating a Dropdown Menu
  • Module 17: Using a Page Builder Introduction
  • Module 18: Image Slider
  • Module 19: Adding Facebook Buttons
  • Module 20: Adding a Google Map
  • Module 21: Backing Up Your Website

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    What You Will Get

    In addition to the 2 days of training, your course fee includes the following:

    • A detailed easy-to-follow graphical step-by-step manual.
    • Two months of free online support on what has been covered in the course.
    • A digital Certificate of Attendance.
    • The extensions, template, and Joomla to start designing your website.
    • A guide on how to duplicate your live Joomla website on your harddrive.
    • A guide on how to make your website live if it was designed on the harddrive.
    • Infographic on 50 features every website must have

    Course Dates

    • TBA

    The course will be conducted for 2 days from 9:00 – 14:00 with a 30-minute break.

    Online Course Training Requirements

    It is challenging to follow online training and perform the steps utilising one screen. Splitting your screen vertically or horizontally is one approach.

    Below are some suggestions on following the online training using a second device.

    • You can use two computers. You will watch the online training on one computer and perform the steps on the other computer.


    • You can connect a monitor or a television set to your computer. You will watch the online training on the monitor or television screen and perform the steps on your computer. The newer television sets can take VGA and/or HDMI cables.


    • You can use an iPad or a smartphone. You will watch the online training on the iPad or smartphone and perform the steps on your computer.

    You must test your setup in advance of the training.

    • You are required to have a laptop, Mac or PC
    • You require at least an LTE/4G connection and 1GB of bandwidth for a 5-hour session.
    • The use of a headset is recommended to block out unwanted noise and distractions.

    Read how we conduct our Instructor-Led Online Training Courses

    Private Training

    The Online Joomla Training Course can also be conducted one-on-one or for a group either online or face-to-face at the client’s venue or the venue we utilise for our training.

    Conducting face-to-face training in other provinces, except for Gauteng, will be dependent on the number of participants. Our standard or special discounts do not apply to private training.

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    Course Registration

    Registration for this course is open.

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