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tailored training solutions

Customised Training

Customised training is tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of individuals, organisations, or companies. It allows for a more targeted approach, focusing on areas that are most relevant and beneficial. This type of training can be highly effective as it addresses specific challenges and provides practical solutions that can be immediately applied. By aligning the content and delivery with the unique requirements of the participants, customised training can lead to greater engagement, retention, and overall success.

Here are some case studies of our customised training:

Case Study 1

The client provided the specific topics to be covered for the customised training. Some of these were not topics that we normal cover on a course. The following were the topics that the client wanted to be skilled in:

  • Duplicating a live WordPress website on the localhost
  • Making a WordPress website live
  • Moving a website from one hosting provider to another
  • The wp-config.php file
  • Turning on troubleshooting for WordPress
  • Common uses for cPanel
  • Changing PHP versions
  • Checking the SSL certificate
  • The .htaccess file

For some of the topics we already had materials which we extracted from one of our offered courses. We created additional material to meet the clients requirements.

The course was conducted for 3 hours.

Case Study 2

The client wanted us to cover specific modules from our WordPress Beginners and WordPress Advanced training courses. For some of the Modules they wanted covered, there were prerequisite Modules which we indicated to them and added it to the course.

Subsequently, we extracted those modules from our manuals and created a new manual.

We were then able to conduct this course over a period of 2 days instead of 4. We met all the clients expectations.

Case Study 3

The client had a list of topics to be covered. The topics spanned over different courses.

  • Fixing soft 404 issues that exist on the website as per Google Search Console
  • Fixing website indexing issues
  • Cleaning up dead links after fixing the website
  • Editing and organising categories and subcategories for the WooCommerce shop
  • Uploading and displaying blog posts
  • Installing plugins
  • Reorganising the home page with product categories
  • Editing content on pages
  • Adding a newsletter pop-up
  • Anchoring text
  • Editing payment gateway

In conducting the course, other issues came up which we addressed on the course.

Case Study 4

The client contracted us to design a website.

Once the website was designed, we trained the client on how to manage the website and recorded the sessions. There were also notes produced and short videos on certain aspects of the website.

The intervention was more than just familiarisation of the website.

Case Study 5

The client inherited a website which was designed by a contractor.

We took some time to acquaint ourselves with the website and document the website.

We trained the client and a staff member to understand their website and be able to manage the website.

Customised training can be conducted for an individual or group at the client’s premises or online. We can also conduct it at the venue where we conduct our training in Alberton, for example. The client will be responsible for the venue hiring fees. Customised training can also be conducted outside of Gauteng if it is feasible.

We can customised any of our courses to suit your needs.

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