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Duplicating Your Live WordPress Website On the Localhost

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About Course

In this video series, you’ll learn how to duplicate your live WordPress website on the localhost.

Why would you want to do this?

Firstly, duplicating the website on the localhost provides a safe and controlled environment for testing updates, new features, or changes without affecting the live site. This allows you to experiment with different themes, plugins, and configurations before deploying them to the live website.

Secondly, duplicating the website on the localhost is an excellent way to develop new features or functionality before deploying them to the live site. You can work on the development version of the site locally and then transfer the changes to the live site when you’re ready depending on the nature of the plugin.

Thirdly, having a duplicate copy of the website on the localhost serves as a backup in case something goes wrong with the live site. If the live website crashes or gets hacked, you can quickly restore the website from the backup.

Here are three scenarios where duplicating your live website on the localhost can be helpful:

  1. Installing a New Theme: If you install a new theme on your live website, it might make it look lopsided or even break it. To avoid this, you can back up your website and restore it on the localhost to create a duplicate website. Then, you can install the new theme and redesign your website accordingly. Once you finish, you can follow our videos on how to make the website live that you designed on the localhost.
  2. Changing PHP Version: If your hosting provider uses an outdated and security-vulnerable version of PHP, changing it on the live website might break it. To avoid this, you can duplicate your website on the localhost and change the PHP version there. This way, you can see how your website reacts, and if it works well, you can make the same changes to your live website. If there are issues, you can troubleshoot the website on the localhost to find out if any plugins or themes are incompatible with the PHP version.
  3. WordPress Upgrades: Sometimes WordPress, plugins, and themes become outdated. Updating them directly on the live website might break it, so duplicating your live website on the localhost allows you to implement incremental updates. If updating WordPress on the localhost does not break your website, it is likely to work on the live website too. Similarly, if an update to a plugin does not break the website on the localhost, it is unlikely to break it on the live website.
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Course Content

Downloading Akeeba

  • Downloading Akeeba

Installing Akeeba

Backing Up Your Website

Downloading Your Backup File

Starting Wampserver

Creating a Database

Creating a Folder

Restoring the WordPress Files

Restoring the WordPress Database

Changing the Permalinks

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