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WordPress Training Course Overview

Our 2-day comprehensive WordPress training course will equip computer literate individuals with no web design or coding experience with knowledge and skills to design a complete professional WordPress website on their harddrives from scratch.

On the course, you will design this website. Once you have designed your website on the course, you should be able to use any of the themes from that theme developer since they share the same steps to a greater extent. Click here to see other themes from the same theme developer.

We have been training WordPress since 2013 in various locations in South Africa.

WordPress ( is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

Post Course Support

We have designed our Face-to-Face WordPress Training Course in such a way, that at the end of the course we will sign you up for our Self-Paced WordPress Training Course at no cost to you. In doing so, it will provide you with an opportunity to revise and “redo” the course at your own pace and in your own space. We know that everything will not be clear after having attended the 2-day Online WordPress Training Course.

You can start the Self-Paced WordPress Training Course at any time once you have been signed up. You have lifetime access.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at:

  • Those who want to save on designing a website or making changes to a website
  • Those who have developed websites using Frontpage or Dreamweaver
  • Those who want to move their static or Joomla or Wix or Weebly website to WordPress
  • Those who want to know what WordPress is all about
  • Those who want to be in control of their website
  • Those who want a mobile-friendly/responsive website

Course Prerequisites

The only prerequisite is that you must be computer literate.

We assume that you start the course with no web design or WordPress experience.

Programming/coding knowledge is not required.

Brief WordPress Training Course Outline

Below is a brief course outline.

  • Module 1: Open Source Software
  • Module 2: Setting Up a Local Web Server
  • Module 3: Creating a WordPress Website
  • Module 4: Dashboard Login
  • Module 5: The WordPress Interface
  • Module 6: Changing WordPress Settings
  • Module 7: About Plugins
  • Module 8: The Page Screen
  • Module 9: Optimising Images
  • Module 10: Creating Web Pages
  • Module 11: Creating a Menu
  • Module 12: Creating Posts
  • Module 13: Inserting Hyperlinks
  • Module 14: About Shortcodes
  • Module 15: Adding a Photo Gallery
  • Module 16: Creating a Contact Form
  • Module 17: About Widgets and Sidebars
  • Module 18: Themes and Appearance
  • Module 19: Styling the Home Page
  • Module 20: Inserting an Image Slider
  • Module 21: Adding Social Media Buttons
  • Module 22: Adding Font Awesome Icons To Text
  • Module 23: Adding Videos to Your Website
  • Module 24: Inserting A Google Map
  • Module 25: WordPress Web Security
  • Module 26: Backing Up the Website

Complete the form below in order to receive a detailed WordPress Training Course Booklet

    What You Will Get

    In addition to the 2 days of training, your course fee includes the following:

    • A detailed easy-to-follow graphical step-by-step manual.
    • A cheatsheet which summarises the course on 4 pages for easy reference.
    • Two months of free online support on what has been covered in the course.
    • A digital Certificate of Attendance.
    • The plugins, theme, and WordPress to start designing your website.
    • A guide on how to duplicate your live WordPress website on your harddrive
    • A guide on how to make your website live if it was designed on the harddrive.
    • Infographic on 50 features every website must have

    Course Dates & Venues

    The following are the WordPress training course dates and venues:

    AlbertonCape TownCenturionDurbanPort Elizabeth
    Course Dates Early Bird Payment Date
    9 & 10 February 2022 14 January 2022

    Alberton WordPress Training Course Venue

    Course Dates Early Bird Payment Date
    6 & 7 December 2021 19 November 2021

    Cape Town WordPress Training Course Venue

    Course Dates Early Bird Payment Date
    16 & 17 February 2022 21 January 2022

    Centurion WordPress Training Course Venue

    Course Date Early Bird Payment Date

    Durban WordPress Training Course Venue

    Course Dates Early Bird Payment Date

    Port Elizabeth WordPress Training Course Venue

    The course duration is 2 days and is conducted from 9:00 to 15:00.

    Other Training Options

    There are those who might want to have special training and not join the publically-announced courses or require different dates which do not fit with the publically-announced dates.

    Thus, the course can be conducted one-on-one or for a group on-demand online at a date that is suitable for both parties. A minimum of 1 is required if the training is to be conducted in Gauteng. A minimum of 3 is required if the training is to be conducted outside of Gauteng.

    Our standard discounts do not apply.

    Click here to visit the Online WordPress Training Course webpage
    Click here to visit the Self-Paced WordPress Training Course webpage

    Course Fee

    The course fee is as follows:

    • Standard Course Fee: R 6 000.00
    • Early Bird Course Fee: R 4500.00 (Pay two weeks before the course date)

    There are generous discounts for early bird payments and group bookings.

    Course Registration

    Registration for this course is open.

    Download the Registration Form
    Click Here to Register Online

    If you find the same course with the same content, duration, and benefits cheaper in South Africa, then you can attend our course for free. T&C apply.

    Website Design Services

    For those who are in a hurry to get a website or who have no intention of designing a website themselves, but is in need of a website – we have the capacity to design websites.

    Click here to view our theme demos on the website of our sister company, The Website Hoster. Website design starts from R3500.00 with a turnaround time of 20 – 30 working days.

    Even though two or more websites might use the same theme, the websites will look different. The websites will have different content, colours, images, sliders, galleries, hero images, etc

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