Course Overview

Boost your online presence by increasing quality traffic.

Even if you have outsourced your SEO, it is desirable to have some knowledge of what SEO is all about. In so doing, you would have a better sense of what should be delivered or speak more intelligibly with your provider. In fact, some people have saved money, since they were able to question certain aspects of their contracts and keep tabs on the deliverables.

Our experience has now shown that some people do not know what to expect from those contracted to do their SEO or what is involved. All they know is that they pay every month and hope for the best.

The course focus on on-page optimisation.

Before the end of the course, you website will be signed up to Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You must have your control panel (cPanel or KonsoleH) login details if you want to take us up on this offer.

About the Course

  • This is a practical SEO course for those with WordPress website or who intend to design a WordPress website.
  • The course is aimed at beginners to SEO.
  • The course is not too technical.
  • The course aims to demystify SEO and make it accessible and understandable.
  • The course deals with on-page optimisation; the first and critical step for SEO.
  • This course will utilise the Yoast SEO plugin.

Course Prerequisites

You must be comfortable working in the WordPress Dashboard/Backend.

You must bring a laptop/Mac/iMac to the course. Some participants even bring their desktop computer. We are able to hire a laptop to you

Course Outline

The course outline is as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to SEO

  • What is SEO?
  • Why Optimise Your Web Pages
  • On-Page Optimisation vs Off-Page Optimisation
  • White Hat Techniques vs Black Hat Techniques

Module 2: URL Structure

  • Permalinks in WordPress
  • Category Structure
  • Domain Names
  • WWW vs Non-WWW

Module 3: Identify Keyword Opportunities

  • Identifying Long-Tail Keywords
  • Checking Web Analytics
  • Using a Keyword Research Tools
  • Identifying Sources for Keywords

Module 4: On-Page Optimisation

  • Installing the Yoast Plugin
  • Configuring the Yoast Plugin
  • Adding the Focus Keywords
  • Optimising Title Tags
  • Optimising the URL
  • Optimising the Meta Description
  • Adding the Alternative Text to Image
  • Internal Linking/Anchor Text
  • Headline Tags (H1)
  • Placing of focus keywords in the body of the text

Module 5: Additional Mastering On-Page Optimisation

  • Images and Pictures
  • Website Content
  • Redirecting Pages
  • Robots.txt File
  • Adding Name, Address, Phone in Footer area
  • Placing Sitemap on website
  • Storing Searches on Your Website
  • Adding Breadcrumbs

Module 6: Google Analytics

  • Signing Up
  • Verifying website
  • Placing Code Snippet on Website
  • Metrics and Dimensions

Module 7: Google Search Console

  • Signing Up
  • Verifying Website
  • Submitting Site Map
  • Crawling Errors
  • HTML Improvements

Module 8: Other Considerations

  • Improving Loading Speed of Web Pages
  • Using a Content Delivery Networks
  • Using SSL
  • Avoiding Flash

Course Venues & Dates

Alberton 29 January 2020
Cape Town TBA
Centurion 31 January 2020
Durban North TBA
Port Elizabeth TBA
East London


The course will be conducted from 9:00 – 15:00

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