At FLOSSNet, we attempt to make training as accessible and flexible as far as possible.

The following are additional training options:

On-Site Training

The course can be conducted at your premises in Gauteng during the week or on a Saturday.

Training Venue Hire

This option is where you want to be trained at a mutually convenient date and at a venue where we conduct our training courses. We will hire the venue for the duration of the training.

Weekend Training

We do not schedule courses for weekends. However, if there is a group of participants who are interested in a certain course, then we can conduct the course either on-site on a Saturday(s) or we can hire the venue where we conduct our training courses.

On-Demand Courses

On-demand courses are courses which we do not schedule but we can offer it if there are sufficient interested participants. These courses can be offered on-site or we can hire the venue where we conduct our training courses.

Online Training

We are able to conduct parts of a course online using Webex and Skype.

Customised Courses

We can customise certain courses according to your need. If it is a question of removing certain modules, then there is no additional cost. There will be an additional cost if we have to add modules which are not covered in the standard course.

General Remark

  • It is possible where it is only 1 person to be trained, that most of the content for a 2-day course can be covered in 1 day. We estimate that about 70% – 80% of the course content can be covered. For two participants, we will need at least 1.5 days.
  • Our standard discounts do not apply to these training options.
  • Registration and payment must be made 3 weeks before the starting date of a course.
  • A minimum number of participants are required depending on the course and where it must be conducted.
  • A note on the pricing for the above options using an analogy: There is a difference in pricing if you take an Uber from point A to point B as opposed to taking a minibus taxi from point A to point B.
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