Course Overview

Boost your online presence by increasing quality traffic.

Even if you have outsourced your SEO, it is desirable to have some knowledge of what SEO is all about. In so doing, you would have a better sense of what should be delivered or speak more intelligibly with your provider. In fact, some people have saved money, since they were able to question certain aspects of their contracts and keep tabs on the deliverables.

Our experience have now shown that some people do not know what to expect from those contracted to do their SEO or what is involved. All they know is that they pay every month and hope for the best.

The course focus on on-page optimisation.

About the Course

  • This is a practical SEO course for those with Joomla website or who intend to design a Joomla website.
  • The course is aimed at beginners to SEO.
  • The course is not too technical.
  • The course aims to demystify SEO and make it accessible and understandable.
  • The course deals with on-page optimisation; the first and critical step for SEO.

Course Prerequisites

You must be computer literate and be comfortable working in the Joomla Backend.

We assume that you are a beginner to SEO.

You must bring a laptop/Mac/iMac to the course. Some participants even bring their desktop computer.We are able to hire a laptop to you

Course Duration and Times

Duration: 1/2 day

Times: 9:00 – 12:30

Course Outline

The course outline is as follows:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • The URL Structure
  • Domain Names
  • Enabling Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Creating Fresh Content.
  • Creating a Meta Title Tag
  • Creating a Meta Description
  • The H1 & H2 Title Tags
  • Optimising Images
  • Anchor Text and Internal Linking
  • Howto Redirect Web Pages
  • The Role of the Robots.txt File
  • Howto Remove index.php From the Web Address
  • Optimising the Home Page
  • The Importance of and Howto Use the .htaccess File
  • Adding the Search Component and Keeping Track of Keywords Used on Your Website
  • Creating a Site Map and Submitting it to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Editing Read More’s to Contain Keywords
  • Howto Check Your Website Speed
  • Sign up Your Website With Google Analytics
  • Sign Up Your Website With Google Webmaster Tools
  • Sign Up Your Website With a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Website Heat Maps
  • Howto Find and Eliminate Duplicate Content
  • Turning On Cache and Compression and What it Means
  • Compress CSS, HTML, and JavaScripts for Faster Page Loading
  • Howto Redirect a non-www URL to a www URL
  • Handling 404 errors
  • Avoiding Flash
  • The Footer Area

Course Venues & Dates

Alberton TBA
Cape Town TBA
Centurion TBA
Durban North TBA
Ferndale TBA
Midrand TBA


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