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CiviCRM is powerful, web-based open source Contact Relationship Management software. It assists in meeting the needs of non-profit organisations to manage their contacts, activities, events, reports, membership directories, donations, campaigns, case management, workshops, conferences, volunteers, recording interactions with their contacts.

Inasmuch as CiviCRM is aimed at NPOs, it can be utilised by anyone including companies and the public sector.

CiviCRM consists of the following components:


CiviCampaign enables you to link together activities, events, mailings, and contributions under one “umbrella” so that you can track the progress of all your efforts towards one programmatic goal of campaign.


CiviCase is similar to a case management system which provides your organisations with tools for structuring, scheduling and recording case activities.

CiviContribute **

CiviContribute will enable you to record and report on financial and in-kind contributions to your organisation.

CiviEvent **

CiviEvent provides integrated online event registration and management for paid and free events.


CiviGrant is used by organisations that distributes funds to others.

CiviMail **

CiviMail is a mass-mailing component which allows you to engage constituents with personalised email blasts and newsletters. You can also send SMSs using Clickatell.

CiviMember **

CiviMember provides the functionality to support and automate the management of memberships.


CiviPetition includes a function that lets you create a petition to publicly gather responses and information online.


CiviPledge allows for the flexibility to create various types of fundraisers. Allows to individuals to donate daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

CiviReport **

CiviReport allows you to create, run and schedule reports based on the data CiviCRM has about your contacts and their interactions with your organisation.


CiviSurvey enables off-line surveys by providing a standardised way to record survey responses and then generate reports from the survey data.


The CiviVolunteer extension provides tools for signing up, managing and tracking volunteers. This extension has to be installed separately.

** Indicates the components which will be covered on the course.


CiviCRM Requirements

CiviCRM can be installed as a plugin for a WordPress website or as an extension for a Joomla website or as a module for a Drupal website.

If you have an existing website which is or is not not based on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal and you want to keep your website, then CiviCRM can be installed in a subdirectory.


CiviCRM Training Course Prerequisites

The CiviCRM course will be based on WordPress.

Thus, knowledge of WordPress will be advantageous, but not compulsory if you catch on quickly.

You must bring a laptop/Mac to the course.


CiviCRM Training Course Content

The following modules will be covered:

  • Module 1: About CiviCRM

  • Module 2: Setting Up a Local Webserver

  • Module 3:Creating a WordPress Website

  • Module 4: Installing CiviCRM

  • Module 5: Configuring CiviCRM

  • Module 6: CiviCRM Menu Options

  • Module 7: Contact Types & Subtypes

  • Module 8: Custom Data Fields

  • Module 9: Groups and Tags

  • Module 10: Adding Contact Records

  • Module 11: Recording Activities

  • Module 12: Setting Up Membership

  • Module 13: Creating and Managing Events

  • Module 14: Using CiviContribute

  • Module 15: Sending E-mails

  • Module 16: Sending Text Messages (SMS)

  • Module 17: Generating Reports

  • Module 18: Backing Up Your Website

Complete the enquiry form on this page in order to receive a detailed course outline and more information regarding CiviCRM.


Course Venues and Dates

The following are the course venues and dates:

  • Centurion: 7 & 8 November 2019

  • Alberton: T B A

  • Cape Town:T B A

  • Durban: T B A

Courses are conducted from 9:00 to 15:00.

The CiviCRM course can be conducted in other cities if there is sufficient interest as well as on-site for an organisation or company. We provide a consultancy service for CiviCRM.


General Remarks

  • The course can be conducted on-site for a group.

  • The course can also be conducted over 2 Saturdays.


Generous Discounts

We have generous discounts for early bird payments and where two or more participants registers from the same organisation or company.


Course Registration

Registration for the course is open.

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