I am soooo so happy that I took the course.  In fact I am overjoyed!

It has provided me with a gateway toward my goal of building a game changing website but with me having control over the development.  Arnold was a very knowledgeable teacher and I am impressed that he was able to be systematic in his approach and able to impart the knowledge.  Not everyone with knowledge can teach!

I look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship going forward and I would definitely recommend this course and Flossnet.

Thank you so much for your consideration.


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Ingrid Loiten

I thoroughly enjoyed the enlightening and fascinating WordPress Course held in Durban and left feeling very excited and more confident each day about handling our organisation’s website.

Arnold was extremely knowledgeable, addressing the content provided in the manual step by step. I might only suggest that Arnold possibly repeat some of the more intricate steps (as one gets further into the manual) in order that they stick in a person’s mind.

The course has unequivocally been great value for money considering the amount of content which was covered and learned, which has already benefitted our organisation a great deal. I’ve found my organisation’s website to be more complex than what my knowledge can sustain, however, and was advised that advanced training was available on an advanced WP course, which I would be interested in pursuing.

I would certainly recommend this course to others looking to design a new website, as WP is extremely user-friendly; and to those looking to maintain an existing WP website. I was pleasantly surprised by the professional appearance and handling of websites designed by such user-friendly – yet powerful –  software. One could begin with basic elements, but WP certainly has the ability for very complex and advanced websites.

A sincere thank you for offering this training to me, which has opened up a whole new world. I would rate the whole experience a 10 out of 10!

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Monicque Herbst

I recently had the opportunity to attend FLOSSNet’s WordPress Training Course and I’m really glad that I did.
I was very impressed with Arnold, our course facilitator. He is an extremely knowledgeable person who managed to convey the course content in a practical and easy to understand manner. There was no beating about the bush or deviation from the syllabus, but only straightforward, to the point presentation, discussion and learning.

With regard to the course manual, it is clear that a lot of thought and hard work went into compiling this comprehensive, yet easy to follow step-by-step document. I started to build a WordPress website immediately after the course to practise my new skills and found the manual to be of great value to refresh my memory and to make sure that I stay on track.

I was also impressed with the way that FLOSSNet guided us to install and set up beforehand everything that we would need on the course. This meant that we immediately could start on Day 1 of the course, not wasting time to get things in place first. Having said this, I also got the impression that FLOSSNet is a well-geared business with support people in the background who make sure that things are in place. I suspect that Jade whom I dealt with via e-mail and telephonically, is one of these efficient members of staff who’s role it is to make sure that things are and stay in place. A job well done!

Thank you for the OpenSource DVD with a wealth software on it – software that I didn’t even know exist. I’m certainly going to try to use what could be of value to me.

The course was of great value to me and I certainly will recommend it to others. Applicable and practical content, thorough preparation and arrangements beforehand, great presentation and undoubtedly value for money!

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Johan du Preez

The training went very well. I was a ‘WordPress dummy’ when I walked into the training room. After day 2, I will not call myself a ‘WordPress guru’, but I definitely learnt a lot.
I hope to build our company’s website real soon… Thank you to Arnold and his Assistant… was worth the 2 days out of the office.

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Shameega Williams

I certainly did learn a lot from the course and we were privileged to have Arnold (who is so qualified and knowledgeable) as our facilitator.

Personally, I would like to have had less content on open source software (a brief overview would have been sufficient) and more hands-on manipulation of editing functions, for example creating custom links in the menu options, how to work the ‘widget rules’ etc. I would also like to have explored ‘posts’ in addition to the ‘pages’ that we did.

However, I do understand it is not possible to include everything in a 2-day programme.

The manual is excellent, very detailed and well put-together. The course is definitely value for money and I would recommend it to others.

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Louise Greig

I thoroughly enjoyed the WordPress course. I found it very useful and I really appreciate the DVD of software given to us. I enjoyed that the course was very practical and was very good value for money. Most importantly – the fact that we have access to the FLOSSNet support service is most impressive! I will definitely recommend the course to others.

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Julia Scafidas

The WordPress course was one of the best training courses I have attended. I found the facilitator to be very knowledgeable and engaging. The pace of the course was perfect – I never felt like we were moving too fast or too slowly and every effort was made to make sure everyone was on the same page at all times.

Arnold gave very practical advice – the content covered what we need to know to get our website off the ground as well as some handy tips. The downloads that accompanied the course are very useful and the manual is clear and provides a step-by-step explanation.

Unfortunately I have not yet had the chance to sit down and work on my website – but I am sure that I will remember what I learnt and if not, will be able to pick it up again very quickly by following the manual. The course was affordable and definitely worth it for me – I would readily recommend it to anyone who would like to take control of their own websites. It was an empowering course.

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Jenni Jones

I was given ownership of our website in June, and not having any experience in WordPress I felt I now had a huge burden, and was terrified I would mess up the current website. I took it upon myself to study a 820 page WordPress for Dummies and still felt I couldn’t quite take the leap and start modifying and posting on our website. FLOSSNet happened to send an email to my colleague, offering the course and I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

After spending 2 days with Arnold, I left feeling confident and ready to get moving on our website. Every day of the course was made interesting and I could have spent a further 2 days absorbing all of Arnold’s wisdom on WordPress.

Thank you FLOSSNet for offering such a wonderful course, and for restoring hope for us “Dummies” out there.

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Jo Kirsten