Open Workbench is the only open source Windows-based desktop application that provides robust project management functionality – and is free to distribute throughout your entire enterprise. Here are just some of Open Workbench’s key features:

Project Planning

  • Define projects and create associated work breakdown structures with activities, phases, tasks and milestones
  • Create dependencies as finish-start, start-start, finish-finish or start-finish 
  • Create subprojects and link them to master projects 
  • Create and manage inter-project dependencies 
  • Associate guidelines with tasks 
  • Manage advanced task properties such as fixed duration, dependency lag, imposed start/end dates and charge codes 
  • Create, edit and delete calendars

Project Scheduling

  • Schedule tasks manually or automatically using Auto Schedule
  • Automatically schedule tasks forwards or backwards (the latter allowing tasks to be started as late as possible) and with or without resource constraints 
  • Schedule across linked master and subprojects 
  • Schedule to general or individualized calendars

Resource Management

  • Define resources as people, equipment, materials or expense
  • Assign resources to tasks 
  • Configure resources on tasks with uniform, fixed, contour, front or back loading

Project Review

  • Track status, percent complete and estimates to complete
  • View Gantt charts (both detail and roll-up), PERT charts and the critical path 
  • Conduct earned value analysis 
  • Define, compare and reset project baseline settings 
  • Customize project views including column layouts, filters, sorts and rule-based formatting

And More!

  • Open Source - download the source code to customize or rely on the user, developer, and partner community for support
  • Seamlessly integrate with the Clarity system from Computer Associates 
  • Free!

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